this is where my words will flow like rivers and fuckin soda

the title algae is for the plants; may they have the world back.. we dont deserve it AT ALL // ill separate each thought w those two slashes illegitimate son of god i love refering to myself as male gendered words and pronouns it makes me feel strong i am your apocalypse no one can tell me what to do what comes out of my mouth just is and should be obeyed im going to start translating latin again let me see how fucking creepy i can get ill show you // i cant find my latin dictionary im furious // I FOUND IT and i have barbarically translated my phrase see here // watching v & r's old videos // how thoughtful of me to forget you. i still love you. do i strive for inner peace because i have taken it away from so many people... // hows this person doing are they okay currently yes but its hard to tell the future // missing gus more than anything in the world. why do people have to die. but why am i so affected.